Why Join?

  • Members receive a voice in the direction of our union.
  • Members get a vote in officer elections.
  • Members get a say and vote in whether or not we strike.
  • The more members we have, the more strength our union will have thus making it possible for improvements in the workplace.
  • The Union has helped to make EOU a more equitable workplace.  It has worked to improve salaries, improve work loads and working conditions, and protect faculty from contract violations. Be a part of this positive change.
  • Members receive access to discounts and scholarships through AFT.
    1. Discounts on computers, phone bills, flowers, books
    2. Discounts on and access to insurance, including pets. 
    3. College scholarships
    4. Discounts on travel
    5. AFT also has mortgage options for members

Why I joined:

AAP is populated by faculty who are invested in ensuring quality instruction by fighting for equitable compensation and working conditions. AAP plays an important role in ensuring that the faculty expertise and experience is taken seriously in institutional decision-making and that faculty are defended from hostile and arbitrary workplace practices. AAP also partners with SEIU representation of classified staff to fight for similar goals on their behalf. These actions make possible hiring and retaining exceptional educators who engage students with learning and support their success.

-Nancy Knowles

I joined the faculty union at my first teaching job because I recognized the contributions of the union to fair compensation and equitable treatment in that workplace. As I became more involved with union activities I also realized that the union was important to the balance of power between faculty and administrators. After coming to EOU I continued to be an active member of the union and eventually began to take on leadership roles as a way of supporting my colleagues.

-Joe Corsini

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