Executive Committee Officers

Meet Our Officers

Colby Heideman, PhD, President

541.962.3221 aap.local6200@gmail.com

My name is Colby Heideman, and I’m an Associate Professor in the Chemistry-Biochemistry Program.  I teach Physical Chemistry, General Chemistry, and Introductory Science courses.  I also currently serve as the President for AAP.

James Benton, MFA, Vice-President

541.962.3927 jbenton@eou.edu

James Benton is an instructor in the English/Writing program. Before coming to Eastern Oregon University, James Benton worked as a sailor, an electrician, a nuclear engineer, a bill collector, a retail clerk, night janitor, rock musician, bank executive, and private investigator.  He may have glossed over one or two minor enterprises.

Nancy Knowles, PhD, Secretary

541.962.3795 nknowles@eou.edu

Nancy Knowles is Professor of English/Writing and Secretary of AAP. Her research interests are literary analysis, dual enrollment and college-level instruction. She also volunteers for Art Center East and teaches yoga.

Steve Tanner, PhD, Treasurer

541.962.3631 stanner@eou.edu

Steve Tanner is an Associate Professor of Mathematics. He is the AAP Treasurer and has been serving in this role since 2017.

Kevin Walker, JD, Vice-President of Bargaining  (kevinwalker1143@msn.com)
Amy Yielding, PhD, Political Action Officer (ayielding@eou.edu)
Joe Corsini, PhD, Grievance Officer (josephacorsini@hotmail.com)
Heather Tomlinson, MFA, Membership Coordinator (htomlins@eou.edu)

Building Stewards


The following officers shall be elected every two years:

  • Representative AHSS (tenured/tenure track faculty)
  • Representative STMHS (tenured/tenure track faculty)
  • Representative College of Business (tenured/tenure track faculty)
  • Representative College of Education (tenured/tenure track faculty)
  • Representative Librarians (tenured/tenure track faculty)

Nominations for office shall be made at the regular January meeting. Officers shall be installed at the regular April membership meeting, or at a special meeting held for this purpose.

If you are interested in becoming more involved in our union and would like to nominate yourself or someone else for upcoming elections please contact Colby Heideman at aap.local6200@gmail.com.

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