Yearly funds are available to faculty for research and travel. You can apply to the FDFC at anytime throughout the school year but as funds are limited, the earlier the better.

The AAP Member Hardship Fund provides grants up to $1000 per individual per academic year to support our fellow union members who are experiencing an immediate, severe, and temporary financial situation due to an emergency. It is for members who have unmet needs as the result of an economic hardship that has caused a sudden, non-recurring financial shortfall. Examples of qualifying emergency or catastrophic situations are natural disaster, immediate family crisis, or acute illness or injury. 

Immediate, unmet needs may include but are not limited to:

  • Needs as a result of illness 
  • Food 
  • Prescription and medical supplies
  • Mortgage payments for homes or rent payments
  • Car repairs (or payments)
  • Utility payments
  • Lost employment income
  • Natural disasters (wildfires, earthquakes, etc.) 

Eligibility guidelines:

Any current, dues-paying union member, or former dues-paying member whose termination is being grieved by the union, is eligible who

  • Has suffered an emergency or catastrophic situation that has caused a sudden and non-recurring financial shortfall that may be the result of a natural disaster, family crisis, or acute illness or injury


  • Is unable to meet essential expenses.

Process to Apply:

Fill out the application form, which will go to the AAP membership coordinator. 

Eligibility Review/Distribution of Grant:

The membership coordinator will receive hardship grant applications, and the treasurer will issue payment to recipients, but the review process is confidential. 

A review committee of at least three stewards will be convened by the membership coordinator upon receipt of a grant application, and the review will be blind. The membership coordinator will share only the information describing the nature of the need for financial assistance with personal information redacted. 

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