About Us

Eastern Oregon University faculty voted to form our union in 2003.

The objectives of our local AAP are:

  • To provide effective collective bargaining representation regarding salaries, benefits, and working conditions for all employees eligible for membership.
  • To fight all forms of bias in employment and provision of services due to: race; creed; sex; age; disability; sexual preference; national origin; or social, political or economic status. 
  • To work for passage and retention of just laws and policies to protect and strengthen the role of education employees and to improve the climate for students and education employees in Oregon. 
  • To encourage mutual understanding, support, and cooperation within the entire Eastern Oregon University community. 
  • To promote democracy and equality at Eastern Oregon University and in society at large. 

Union Accomplishments

Since our union’s inception in 2003 there have been many positive changes for faculty at EOU.

  • A consistent salary matrix. Prior to this, individuals had to negotiate their salaries individually.  This really adds up to equal pay for experience.  Before we had the union this was not happening.  Only certain people were really negotiating good salaries and the rest were not getting that advantage.
  • A grievance structure to help faculty and librarians was created.  This added in a level of protection plus a process that has to be followed on behalf of faculty.  It’s been a great resource for faculty if they are accused of inappropriate behavior and/or if they feel a supervisor is treating them unfairly.
  • Representation for faculty in all aspects of their career.  Every faculty member and librarian has the right to have a union representative with them during meetings with supervisors or any administrator.
  • Increased pay for overload teaching.
  • Pay for summer work, such as serving on committees.
  • Except for one contract, we have consistently negotiated salary increases under every contract.
  • Secure parking places for faculty and librarians.
  • A process for tenure relinquishment.
  • Development of the senior instructor position.
  • Ultimately, every aspect of our contract. This information did not exist before we had a union!

Press contacts:

DeAnna Timmermann, PhD Associate Professor of Psychology; AAP President; Badgley Hall 147, (541) 962-3679 (aap.local6200@gmail.com)

Bryan Lally AFT-Oregon Field Representative (bryanl@aft-oregon.org, (503) 896-9441)

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