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New Deal for Higher Education

The New Deal for Higher Education platform will seek to re-center our public colleges and universities as a common good. In addition to addressing tuition costs, institutional funding, and student debt relief, we will pursue reforms related to racial injustice and inequities, labor practices, academic freedom and governance, federal research funding, technical and vocational education, and a host of other challenges that have diminished our national capacity to educate our communities.    

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Amy Yielding, PhD, Political Action Officer

541.962.3314 ayielding@eou.edu

Amy Yielding is a Professor of Mathematics who has been employed at EOU since Fall 2009. She holds a PhD and MS in Math from Washington State University and a BS in Math from Northern Arizona University. Amy is a first generation college graduate, happily married and a mama to both a creative human and rambunctious canine.

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