Building/College Stewards

A steward is an organizer. They let folks know about union meetings and upcoming events. They are an educator and communicator who serves as the first point of contact for new and current employees. Stewards are there to let faculty know about their rights and to answer questions about our union. A stewards is also an advocate for you in the workplace.

Aaron Thornburg, PhD, Ackerman Hall


DeAnna Timmermann PhD, Badgley Hall


Sarah Ralston, EOU Library


Sarah Ralston works as Library faculty in instruction. She is a liaison for the College of Science, Technology, Mathematics, & Health Sciences
and the College of Business

Mike Heather, MFA, Loso Hall


Mike Heather is an Associate Professor of Theatre Arts and the steward for Loso Hall.

Patty Sandoz, Fixed Term Faculty Steward


Patty Sandoz has been a math instructor at EOU for the past “square root of 121 added to 7 to the zero power” years. Prior to joining EOU, she taught grades 7-12 students at La Grande School District. Patty’s professional challenge is to help her students positively change their relationship with mathematics!

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